Summer-Decorating-Mantel-Ideas Every year I freak out this time of year while reading social media. The rest of the country seems to be in full swing of purchasing school supplies, first day of school outfits and planning for the first day of school. Us? We are just getting going with summer. We don’t go back to school until September 3! So, I will take the empty school supply shelves and mellow into our summer a little more. I am even being so bold as to updating my summer mantel. Something I have wanted to do for YEARS during the summer – I finally got to do 2 weeks ago. The town where my husband grew up does a town wide yards sale, and in the 20 years we have been married (holy moly, 20 years this fall!), I have only made it home once for that weekend. Criminal. But this year, we made it on the right weekend! While I didn’t come home with a ton of things, I did find some really special treasures. And of course, bringing in some new treasures, sparked a mantel update. And this time, I feel like it is in tribute to my husband and his history, the farm he grew up on and the treasures found in his town. Have I ever told you that my husband grew up on a dairy and maple sugaring farm in NH? Yup, his family still lives there. His dad, while partially retired, still runs the farm. Summer-Mantel I found this gorgeous wood pin. The guy I bought it from (for $5!) said it was a Victorian exercise pin. He explained that if it wasn’t cracked it would have been worth a ton of money. I told him I loved it for the cracks! Mantel-Decorating-Ideas The milk pail was on the side of the road for free. Don’t hate me. Obviously they lacked the vision to put in on their mantel. I guess I will give them the benefit of the doubt and suggest that they didn’t have a mantel. Summer-Decorating-Ideas The cow you ask? I did not find that at a yard sale. Better than that – I found it online where you can get one too! Painted Fox Treasures asked me to review a product, and this sweet cow kept calling my name. They have an incredible inventory of vintage and reproduction items that would make any mantel squeal with delight. You can find the cow here… You can find your own lavender here… A reproduction milk can, at your fingertips… Wouldn’t this be fun on a mantel? And I kind of love this too! Summer-Decorating And do you want even better news? Painted Fox Treasures is offering a giveaway of $50 credit to their store! So you can spruce up your mantel for summer. If you already thinking about fall, just don’t tell me about it okay? a Rafflecopter giveaway Thanks so much for reading, good luck and have a great day! Newpostsignature_thumb.jpg
August 05, 2014 — Anil Sharma