IMG_0182 Hello sweet friends. Thank you so much for your all of your warm welcomes to Hannah. And, as some of you have asked, we have not yet picked her middle name. I am beginning to think Banana might win out because that is what we seem to be calling her. And by we, I mean the girls and I. If I hear Dana call her Banana, it will for sure be the winner. As we shared, Hannah is a rescue dog. When we first brought her home she was incredibly mellow and didn’t even seem to understand the concept of playing. Bailey was so sweet with her and “taught” her how to play. Slowly but surely, Hannah’s personality has started to come out and she is a happy and sweet puppy. Hannah was not an overly planned decision, and I shared with you that not having researched and investigated adding another puppy to the mix was not in my comfort zone. Now that we have transitioned with her, she is forever in our hearts and we so love this sweet puppy. However, it seems like as Hannah has gotten happier and more comfortable, Bailey has gone the other way. It started last week when we took her to the groomer. We take her to a sweet lady’s home, which is also where she is boarded. Bailey has always truly loved going to “Auntie Laurie’s”, but this time, she was completely freaked out. When I picked her up, the groomer said she was really out of sorts the whole time. Since then, Bailey has just not seemed happy or herself. She has shown some behaviors that are less than desirable and so out of character for her. There have been a few other things in play. Bailey did just get a major haircut (necessary) which sometimes throws her off and we have been traveling. But we have to think it has something do with bringing Hannah into the family. But here is my question, does anyone have any advice on how to help Bailey transition through bringing a puppy home? We feel so bad about how she seems and we just don’t know what to do. I so appreciate anyone’s helpful thoughts. My first thoughts this morning were to check with my helpful, kind and smart readers! Newpostsignature_thumb.jpg
August 01, 2014 — Anil Sharma