Well hello sweet friends! I hope you have been well. For the first time in four years, I took a real blog vacation for two weeks. Wow, two weeks. And it did this girl good! I feel refreshed, thankful for the time with my family and full of new ideas. Since I am just getting back into my groove and feel like I have so much to catch up with you all, I thought I would just have some fun and share some random thoughts.

Harry Potter

Are your kids into Harry Potter at all? My Peanut got the full set of DVDs for her birthday and she is super excited. But who knew that Harry Potter movies can be so crazy loud? As I am trying to write in the office now all I hear are “zooms”, “zams” and explosions!


feet What is more soothing than a beach? Okay, maybe a lake or mountains, but there is something about the sea air, sand in your toes and just relaxing. I actually read three novels on vacation. Actually, I lied, I am still half way through one of them. None of them were especially good, but it was just so nice to just read with no goals or anything to learn. And, yes, although my girls are grown, I still insist on the “feet” picture each year. It’s my thing.

Photo Bombs

We decided to go back to the place where we originally had our family photos professionally taken, and then I retook them two years ago. We were able to get some really nice shots, but one of my top favorites is when Hubby and Sunshine photo bombed. IMG_0765 Hilarious. But what really kills me is this… The first one…
peanutandsunshineonpath thumb The Power of Photography
The second one…
sunshineandpeanutpath thumb The Power of Photography
Now… Walking

High School

Hold me. My baby is going to high school. I am so incredibly aware of how many years are left with my girl. I am so mixed and want to turn back time but so enjoy every bit of where she is now. How is it possible? sunshine


Summers are my favorite. I really hate when my kids go back to school. By the end, yes, I am ready to return to the routine of it all, but I love time together. And I really love watching them together and their relationship. I am not saying it is perfect or they don’t argue, because they surely do, but I love to see the bond that they have. IMG_0427


Peanut I have been their momma from day one, and yet I am still amazed at how much I still need to learn about being a Mom and about each of them. I realized a few things about Peanut this trip that I hope will help me in parenting her. It is always a journey. Peanut sand And the last thing is a little housekeeping. I would love if you subscribed to Finding Home to receive all our posts in your email. If you enter your email below, you can subscribe to both my regular posts and our monthly newsletter. The newsletter will have extra tid bits and sneak peaks! We have some REALLY exciting stuff coming in the next few weeks that I am SO excited about and I would love for YOU to be the among the first to know all about it!
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August 13, 2014 — Laura Putnam