Before I get to that, I would like to thank Tatertots and Jello for featuring the beautiful side table my husband made me for Christmas.

Yesterday, I shared my winter mantel and how I wanted to keep things simpler post Christmas.

I thought I would share a few more things in our family room…

I have struggled with these shelves since I put them up a few months ago. I am really enjoying them being quiet and neutral. I brought down the family pictures from our bedroom. Even though they are beach pictures, the colors are cool and wintry.

Winter Family Room 042

There are a few of my recent auction finds tucked in here, but I will get to more of that soon.

Winter Family Room 047

These shelves are behind the loveseat, on the way to the bathroom and guestroom. Someday, I will find the perfect cabinet/table that exists in my head to go under the shelves.

Winter Family Room 063

No winter room would be complete without a cozy chair. This chair also needs a cozy blanket and pillow, a cup of tea and a book and to be next to the fireplace. The stool is one I found awhile back at an estate sale. It is metal, I am not sure what kind, with a wood seat. Love it.

Winter Family Room 053

Here is an overall view of the room.

Winter Family Room 064

Of course, this is where I am displaying the beautiful box my daughter gave me for Christmas. I added a few more doorknobs.

Winter Family Room 102

I added a few books and the key I found in Paris to the coffee table.

Winter Family Room 107

I brought back in my belted pillow and a few other more masculine and wintry fabric pillows.

Winter Family Room 080

Winter Family Room 111

A few more pinecones with doorknobs.

I am working on photographing my auction finds. Once I do that, I will be pulling together some items for a “reaching 200 followers” giveaway.

I will be sharing this post with some of the parties in my sidebar.

Thanks for stopping by, Laura

January 12, 2011 — Laura Putnam