It has been a busy few weeks around here.

When I look out into the world, there are so many BIG things happening out there, but as a Mom, sometimes it is the little things that are really BIG for us. So if you will bear with me, I would like to share a few of those BIG things.

Let’s start with my Blondie.

She started last week off with her Chorus concert.

MEg chorus concert and summer mantel 016

Yes, she is laughing there. Because she can see me crying. Yup, in the middle of a very sweet song about dreams, I realized that my baby is going to middle school next year, and that pretty much did me in!

Then, we had a band concert on Wednesday.

meg's band concert 026

I promise I am not crying here, there was something funny, don’t remember what.

All of the solos were small groups that came down off the stage and played in a circle up front. My girl played a full blown solo solo. And she blew me away. The song was lovely. But just the fact that she got up in front of so many people, all by herself, and played a solo was pretty amazing to me.

meg's band concert 020

But, I think it was just what she needed to give her the courage for the next night.

You see, my girl loves softball.

She is great catcher, no fear (not me, I want to puke when she is catching) of the importance of catcher’s role. She just does it, tries her best.


In her league the girls pitch themselves, which can lead to quite a few walks. Somewhere in the season last year, Blondie figured out if she didn’t swing she would most likely walk. But in the process totally psyched herself out, and never swung – not once! And so, she never got a hit. She was heart broken at the end of the season.

This year, half way through the season, same thing.

But not anymore! My baby swung that bat and got not one but TWO hits the other night. I really believe she will get more hits now because it was all in her head!

I knew she was going to get it too, there was something in her eyes, I knew she decided it was worth the risk.

Oh, the lesson we grown people learn from our children!


And now for my Peanut.

If we are in town for Memorial Day, we participate in a local 5K event. It is truly great community day for an incredible cause. It is at night and after there is a band and dinner and the most amazing view ever!

5k for caitlin 003

My favorite view and one of the reason we really do love living here.

But here is a pretty amazing view as well…

5k for caitlin 011

Yup, my 8 year old peanut Placed third in the 13 and under category!

The last two years we have run the race together. I was always a runner but all kinds of knee and foot issues and just lack of prioritizing have kept me from it. I was terrified going into this race because it is one of the most gruesome courses ever – hill, hills and more hills. The good part, my husband has been training hard, so after he finished fifth, and won his age group… wait here is his trophy pic…

5k for caitlin 014

he circled back and took her in about the last half mile. I wasn’t too far behind, but I am not going to lie. I wanted to puke and cry because I hurt EVERYWHERE! But, I got to see my girl kick it in so fast at the end and do awesome. She already said she can’t wait for next year.

I however, need to make an appointment with an orthopedist.

Man getting older sucks. I had no business running a race like that.

Oh, and just to keep you fully in the loop of the goings on in our house hold…ha ha…

We left early this morning to join my Dad in a parade he plays in a band for. The girls were going to hold the flag in front of the band. Halfway on our journey it was determined that it was necessary to turn around because of a case of what has now been diagnosed as major car sickness.

The good news was the way home lead us right to our local parade and there was still enough time for Blondie to march with her softball team even if she didn’t have her uniform.

summer wreath, memorial day 048

And Peanut, then feeling better, was able to use her (unused) barf bag to collect candy that was thrown from the fire trucks.

summer wreath, memorial day 011

So although it was disappointing to not make my Dad’s parade, it was great to be in our community on such a special day.

Hope you are all well and thanks for reading!

Take care, image
May 31, 2011 — Laura Putnam