Collage- Finding-Home-Farms_edited-1 Finding Home has existed as business since 2004, starting out as a part time gig for interior decorating while I raised my baby girls. I started blogging in 2010. I have had four logos, two blogging platforms, 3 themes, countless header designs and two online shop platforms. In 2013, Dana quit the corporate life to figure out what was next. In 2014, we launched our online shop , partnered with Braizen to rework what Finding Home looked like and began selling our maple syrup to retailers. In 2015, we launched our soy candle line and began selling online and to retailers. We have opened many new accounts for our maple syrup and we are so proud of the retailers we have partnered with. We are about to launch all new packaging and labeling. We have been certified as organic. Phew. Here we are nearing the end 2015 and I feel like we finally have reached somewhere. Our blog, our brand and our shop are all together here in one place - and finally as I have wanted for so long - as Finding Home Farms. I know we will continue to evolve and technology will change the way we do things, but I feel like we have finally found our footing to build upon. Finding Home Farms is so many different things. We are a blog where you can find decorating and DIY ideas from the complicated to our 10 minute ideas. We are makers of maple syrup and we are working to offer more products in the specialty food category. We have an online shop to sell our maple syrup, our soy candles and home decor products. We are also working a ton behind the scenes to create a home decor line under the Finding Home Farms name. The goal is to have everything sourced and made in the USA, something about that just felt right to us. When listed out like that, it might seem disjointed, but to us having it all together just makes so much sense. The snapshot is that we are a guy and a girl going for the big dream of making a living AND a life together, as a family. The big picture is that we are having a blast, even on the stressful days, figuring out all of the different components and what that looks like and how it will evolve. We always know it will revolve around the idea of one simple concept - home. I guess I am feeling reflective today. We are reaching the end of the year and looking towards the start of a new year and all the possibility that comes with it. Mostly, I am feeling thankful for all that I have learned, all of the people I have met, all of the "virtual friends" I have made and for what lies ahead. And I am feeling so blessed that I am no longer doing this by myself. Now, I get to work each day with my best friend. If you want to know how we got from Dana quitting his job to here, you can start right here. If you would like to follow along with the rest of the journey, you can subscribe and follow us on Instagram. Thanks so much for reading! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1