When we set out to create a product based business, we knew our foundation would be our organic maple syrup. From there, as we expanded our product categories, we knew it was important that all of our products be made in the USA. That often makes things harder and certainly limits what we can bring into our line. We have tried categories that we have had to move on from but that doesn't stop us from continuing to seek new opportunities for products we can share with you. With each new item, we learn and grow and hope to do better the next time.

inspired by america

There are a few guidelines we use when we are developing any of our products. First and foremost, it has to be at a quality level and price that we would buy ourselves and use in our home. If we wouldn't buy it, we don't sell it. Second, we focus on home and what happens in it. When you gather together with the people in your life, can we bring something into your home that makes it more enjoyable? Whether you are gathering around the table for a meal, lighting a candle to bring in a cozy feel or decorating your home so it reflects you and your family, we are so honored each time we have the opportunity to be included. Truly.

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