Sometimes, a story of serendipity starts way back. For example, many moons ago, I took an online course from a woman and it redirected our thinking in the middle of reworking our branding for our packaging, etc. I think it is so much better because of the process, that we learned from this woman, Susan. Then, many months later you attend a conference and keep seeing a woman and you are sure it is the same woman from the online course, but her name tag keeps being turned around so you are not sure. Then, at the end of the night, her tag turns and you realize it is Susan of House of Brinson. You start a chat, thank her for what you learned in the online course and then discover that she and her husband just bought a historic home about 25 minutes from you. Two months later, you walk into a store and see Susan and enthusiastically greet her. Your read her body language and realize that she is debating if you are a stalker. A few months later, you invite her to lunch and she brings a friend, just in case you actually are a crazy person. You end up talking about your sugar house and she asked if she and her husband can come and photograph it. A few months later you get to meet Will, the husband, and now you are really glad you met Susan because he is amazing too and together they are adorable and a great team. Fast forward many more months and you find yourself spending the day with Susan and Will in their amazing historic home to photograph a recipe for Design*Sponge. Really. FindingHome_Maple_Syrup_Fondue But not only that, they spend their time, as professional commercial photographers, to show you how to style and set it up and their whole process. You realize that they just spent the day doing this story, teaching you and hosting you and it is just because they are kind and thoughtful. Yesterday, the story ran on Design*Sponge - and the timing is perfect. If you want to share a perfect meal idea with your family and friends for the holidays - maple syrup fondue is for you! It can be as simple or as complicated as you want and if you don't have a fondue pot, just use any ol' pot! If you want to follow along as Susan and Will renovate their amazing historic home, you should follow them at House of Brinson. You should start with this bedroom makeover that they just did. They partnered with Pottery Barn, but it not your typical Pottery Barn room. All I can say is, wow. And a few more things I found on the web this week that were fun or interesting.... This tree from Thistlewood Farms is so stinkin' cute. I love the chalkboard star at the top. It is one of those ideas where I wish I had thought of it! Chalkboard-Christmas-tree This bathroom makeover. No wonder shopping at Target is so fun. I want this guy to work for us! This gift wrapping trick is amazing! Thanks to Country Living for sharing my favorite wreath with a bunch of other fantastic ones. If you are hosting Thanksgiving, here are 7 quick and easy ideas for setting your table. Thanks so much for reading! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1
November 21, 2015 — Laura Putnam