DIY-Metal-Crafts-for-the-home It is hard to believe that the first email came from my publisher on February 10th of this year. And now, I am holding my book in my hands. It is such a weird and humbling concept. And, the best news is that it wasn't scheduled to be ready to ship until November 2nd, but it is already shipping! I had party hats and balloons ready for the 2nd, but we will just have to celebrate a little bit early. DIY-Rustic-Metal-Crafts Initially, it will be available online (details below) and then it will start showing up in some stores. I know the stores they are trying to work with and fingers crossed it comes through as we are hoping. Turns out that side of things is a process. Book-by-Laura-Putnam_edited-1 It is very strange to see my name on the cover and the binding of a book. I wish they still had card catalogs so I could see how it would look classified with the Dewey Decimal system. Laura-Putnam-Craft-Book If you are at all intimidated with the idea of doing metal crafts, do not be. There are all types of projects in here. Most only require a drill, some just require a willingness to get your hands dirty and a few need a couple of power tools. I tried to size and plan everything out that cutting metal was at an absolute minimum. Here is a little more information... Turn galvanized metal into stunning home decor! With this guide, you can finally get the rustic style you love–without having to spend a fortune! Filled with 35 creative ideas, you will learn how to use galvanized metal in a variety of projects, from stunning wall art to whimsical garden planters. Best of all, each page provides clear, step-by-step instructions, allowing anyone to repurpose galvanized sheets and containers into gorgeous home decor pieces like: – Galvanized Leaf Wreath – Vintage Window Memo Board – Candle Luminaries – Coffee Table on Casters – Three-Tiered Outdoor Planter – Complete with beautiful photographs and plenty of inspiration, DIY Rustic Modern Metal Crafts shows you how to transform your entire space with the charm and simplicity of your favorite look. Rustic-Metal-Planters_edited-1 Each project lists out all of the needed materials and tools. Galvanized-Craft-DIY-Ideas And then shows clear, step by step instructions. DIY-Galvanized-Planter-Instructions_edited-1 It can be ordered on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for immediate shipping (woo hoo!). Finding-Home-Farms-Book If you already have ordered it or if you do, I would so appreciate if you could take a minute and write a review on Amazon and / or Barnes & Noble. DIY-Rustic-Modern-Metal-Crafts-for-the-Home Whether you order the book or not, please know that the book says how appreciative I am to my readers and for the opportunities that you have brought me. If it were not for your support and encouragement by showing up here, this would have never happened! Thank you!!!!! When we get to the 2nd, I will do a giveaway and have some fun with this. It is so not a comfortable thing for me to say, hey look at me, I wrote a book. So, we may as well try and have some fun with it. Oh, and if you do read it and want to share it on social media the book or even better, a project from it that you do, tag it with #galvanizedismyfavoritecolor so we can all follow along! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1
October 21, 2015 — Laura Putnam