49-questions-with-bloggers Many many moons ago, when I worked in marketing for a footwear company, I attended an event that we were sponsoring. The event was getting a lot of local press, so a camera crew showed up and they were interviewing several of the sponsors. They put me on camera. That was not a good decision on their part. First, I was a hot mess after setting up all day. Second, as soon as I saw the red light on the camera, I talked a million miles an hour and my voice hit a really strange pitch. When we were done, the camera guy's response pretty much summed it up as he awkwardly walked away. Needless to say, they never ran the footage of my stellar interview. Ever since then, I have been totally uncomfortable with the idea of being in front of the camera. So, when Brooke from Be Fed Again asked me if I wanted to participate in a group video series, I understandably wanted to just say no. A certain friend, who shall remain nameless, told me I was being ridiculous and that I had to do it. I should point out that the nameless friend backed out due to schedule conflicts. Luckily I love her anyway! The idea was to answer 49 questions, on camera, about ourselves. The idea is inspired by the fun series that Vogue does of asking celebrities 73 questions. We were given 15 of the questions so that all of the bloggers participating answered some of the same question, but the rest, we were to come up with. That part was harder than I anticipated. I kept putting it off because of the dread. And then, I messed up understanding when my video was due. I ended up having 45 minutes to write out the questions, instruct Dana of what he needed to do and shoot it in one take. I didn't think about what I was wearing and I knew I didn't have time to screw up and be nervous. In the end, we had fun with it and I learned it wasn't all that terrible to just relax and be yourself in front of the camera. So, without further adieu, here are 49 questions asked by Dana and answered by me, and a few ad-libbed in as we went along. Oh, and I should add, I forgot to instruct my handsome camera man to turn the phone on its side, so please excuse our lack of video taking prowess. In the words of the Pillsbury Dough Boy, next time, we will "get it together, I promise."
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