White-Wood-Farmhouse-Kitchen Today, I am sharing, along with a group of other bloggers, our most loved rooms as part of Melissa of The Inspired Room's book launch. Yesterday I shared with you how the simple first "push" to make some updates in our home was to update our window trim. Which lead to updating our floors and stairs, which lead to updating our kitchen and being able to have our dream white farmhouse kitchen. Our-Farmhouse-Kitchen One of the first designers for our kitchen that we spoke to said I could not have a sit down island. That made no sense to me, but she would not budge. So, we stopped working with her and found a new designer who easily figured out how to make a sit down kitchen island work for us (I have shared our kitchen measurements). This part of it was so important to me because I knew it was something that would get so much use in our family, and it does. Farmhouse-White-Fall-Kitchen However, my favorite part of our whole kitchen is our table. My father-in-law made it for us right when we moved in and it is filled with the dents and the scratches of the everyday. The days of our children learning to write their letters are carved right into the soft wood. Dinners where we sit around the table tend to be the nights with more talking and lingering. They are my favorite. Simple-Fall-Decorating Our kitchen tells the story of our family so very well because it evolved over time and has been a process, just like the rest of our home. If you are trying to tell the story of your home, but sometimes get a little off target and need a little help, I have the perfect book for you. Melissa of The Inspired Room has written a book called The Inspired Room, Simple Ideas to Love the Home You Have. To start with, it is a beautiful book on the outside and it meant to become part of your home decor. The Inspired Room - New Coffee Table Book On the inside you will not find high end designer rooms that you can't relate to. Instead, you will find a beautiful real home that evolved over time. Melissa shares real ideas and simple approaches for working with what you have and moving toward what you really want your home to be. I have always believed that creating a comfortable and welcoming home is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family and friends. I truly enjoyed this book and look forward to the rest of the series that Melissa is working on. You can find a ton more details here. Melissa is also running a giveaway and you can find all of the details on her blog. The Inspired Room Tour - Celebrating the Launch of the New Coffee Table Book - The Inspired Room - by New York Times Best Selling Author of Love the Home You Have - Melissa Michaels Thanks so much for reading! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1
October 27, 2015 — Laura Putnam