I am a dreamer. A planner. A list maker. I keep putting myself out there, keep trying, sometimes, some might say, to a fault. But it is just the way I am wired.

Sometimes, dreams come true. And sometimes, actually often, we face disappointment and are let down. No matter how bad you want it, you are let down. And, at first it seems overwhelming. But with time and perspective, you realize there were reasons for each part of your journey and where you are being pointed towards. Mantel-Decorating-Ideas I realize more and more that those moments are still going to come. I am still going to be disappointed. But that is not going to stop me from being a dreamer. It is with perspective that we can look back and realize that we have what we need where we are. And if we don’t, there is a purpose to it. Spring-Decorating-Ideas These first few weeks of spring have left me with a cold and feeling under the weather. I find myself looking back on my day and I am not sure what I have even accomplished. But then I realize, I have done a lot of dreaming. DIY-Foam-Core-Framed-Canvas And sometimes that is just enough. So, I will catch up. I may be a little behind my planned for schedule and my list is short a few crossed off lines. But I figure, the flowers and trees are a bit behind this spring too. I know they will catch up. And so will I. And so will you. Wishing you a day full of grace and thank you for reading! Oh, and you can find the foam core canvas tutorial here and the Silhouette Sharpie Art here. And one final thing - do you follow me on Instagram? - I would love if you followed along at LPatFindingHome postsignature.png

April 10, 2014 — Laura Putnam