Have you ever had a picture just melt you? This one does that to me. I actually gasp every time I look at it. IMG_7436 For so many reasons. I was away last week attending a blogging conference, SNAP, held in Salt Lake City, Utah. I knew in going I was leaving Dana with a lot and I was missing a lot. There were three softball games, opening day ceremonies for little league where Sunshine was being recognized along with her all-star team that went to the championships, and this girl – was singing at the All-County Choir competition. And that was just on Saturday. I had come to peace with what I was missing and I had my whole family attending to cheer them both on at all events – my village was in full swing. And I knew Dana could handle it all with grace. And he did. But then, at lunch on Saturday, a text came through. Peanut had auditioned to be part of a solo group – and made it. I fell to pieces. Not because she made it – but because she tried. For this girl, that is a lot. It is huge. And I was missing it. But God had a plan because she was surrounded by her village. And at that exact moment, he placed this sweet friend next to me… (pardon the grainy, way too close iPhone picture). Tricia of Uncommon Designs. IMG_4874 And she knew. What it meant. What I needed to hear. How to be my friend in that moment. And when I went away to the ladies’ room to pull myself together, others asked what was happening, and Tricia sweetly shared. And my village grew all around me. Throughout the day, so many sweet friends checked on me, hugged me and congratulated my girl. And it made it all easier. Later that day, I was speaking to this sweet lady and she told me the best story. Last year, when I attended SNAP, I shared small containers of mints with my business cards. She said my mints got her a job. What? She explained further that she was nervous for her interview which lead her to a cup of coffee. Then, she realized she had coffee breathe and was even more nervous. And then, she remembered my mints. She popped in a few, relaxed and nailed her interview and got the job. And I realized, I was part of her village. And then I got to meet Susan of Freshly Picked again and remember how the pin she gave me at SNAP last year sticks with me every day. “Decide the life you want and run like hell at it.” Susan, is part of my village. IMG_4854 Every day, we all interact, make connections, impact each other. Sometimes intentional, sometimes not. Sometimes we realize it, and sometimes we don't. We always say how it take a village to raise a child. I think it also takes a village to find our way each and every day. This amazing group of women have supported me, encouraged me and taught me so much over the years. IMG_4871

(Cheryl, Heather, KariAnne, Vanessa)

And many more who were not in the picture or present.

Across the street, I have a village.


In our church, I have a village. Throughout our community, I have a village. In Hawaii, I have a village. In New Hampshire, I have a village. In Massachusetts, I have a village. In Nevada, I have a village. In South Carolina, I have a village. And this list goes on. I learned a lot about blogging, and SEO and using Pinterest to grow my business at SNAP. But even more importantly, I learned that we have to treasure our villages. That we have to nurture them. And we need to be a village for all of those around us. And I realize now as I type this – I have a village here. So, thank you for reading this little ol’ blog. Thank you for lifting me up and encouraging me. And I hope, in some small way, I get to be part of your village some day. Wishing you a day full of grace and thank for reading! postsignature.png
May 02, 2014 — Anil Sharma