Hello All.

I have learned something about myself this week.

As much as I am a constant multi-tasker, when I am in a creative mode, that is all I am.

Room by room I have re-working my house, especially our guest bedroom which has never really been finished.

The result – PURE. CHAOS. IN. MY.WAKE.

Seriously, I am like a tornado.

I have spent little time on the computer, my kids have not had the greatest meals – in fact one night – they made their own dinners (they chose pretty well though!) and my laundry is piling high. As I move from room to room, the “stuff” piles follow me. Stuff goes in, stuff comes out, stuff goes back in, stuff goes back out.

You get the picture.

I have also learned that there is an incredible amount of “stuff” in my garage and basement.

I have been “shopping” there all week and I am amazed I keep finding more stuff.

Note to self – your husband is amazing because he never complains about your hoarding tendencies.

So, now on to the sharing…

Do you feel like we are being bullied by Google?

First they take away Google Friends Connect, then they take away Picnik. I feel like they are forcing our hand to come to them as opposed to making a product so good we all flock there naturally. I joined Google+ a bit ago, but know nothing about it and I know I have to jump in and figure it all out.

Mural Maker and More has written a post to get us all started.

google infor

Craftberry Bush shared her beautiful mantel including an incredible painting she created


And Virginia Sweet Pea shared this really cute faux patchwork idea. I think this could be applied to so many things and I thought it was super cute.


Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great weekend!

January 27, 2012 — Laura Putnam