When it gets right down to it, I am a traditional girl when it comes to my decor.

But, nothing makes me happier when a traditional and time proven style or item is updated or used in a new way. There are certain things that will always be timeless and classic, but are always ready for an update.

I think a perfect example of that is with quilts.

Quilts are not just for your grandmother. They have taken on modern lines and are being used in a whole new way. So today I am sharing some inspiring ways to bring quilts back into our homes.

Now, my quilt collection is filled with worn, tattered and simple quilts, perfect to wrap up in on the screened porch.

But I am always on the hunt for that perfect (and affordable) quilt to bring inside. There are so many ways to use quilts in our homes.

There is of course, the beautiful use on your bed paired with simple white linens like The Lettered Cottage has done here.


Bonnie from Going Home to Roost has done a beautiful job using them throughout her whole living room


I often come across quilts that are tattered in some areas while other parts are still lovely. This project from Martha Stewart is a perfect way to use those quilts – or make your own without going full size.


Or you can put one right up on the wall. I absolutely love the contrast of the traditional quilt with the modern furnishing from The Apartment.


And if you don’t want to put it on a wall, how about on a chair?

yellow quilt chair

I feel pretty confident taking on making my own quilt is not in my future. But if it is for you, this site is filled with inspiring ideas of quilts with a modern edge.

And great pictures of the same guy holding a quilt in all kinds of beautiful places.


So start searching, new or vintage – and find a modern way to bring quilts back into your home.

Thanks for reading.


July 24, 2013 — Laura Putnam