A few months ago, I shared with you all that we had a major change in our life that put the pressure on for us to finish our office.

When I shared the finished office / craft space / homework space / hangout space – I had grand plans.

This one relatively small room was expected to accomplish a lot – and it has.

Our kids really do their homework and craft at this desk. In fact, I spent quite a lot of time cleaning stubborn glitter from Valentine cards that were made.


And we have had two new additions – amazing new chairs found at Homegoods on the same day that “the one got away”. They are super comfortable and pretty too!

I checked with Hubby first to make sure he was fine with a white chair too – and he is just happy to have something comfortable.

The space is nice and bright and different from the rest of the style of the house which is a fun change.

It is a loft area, so it is open to everywhere pretty much. That of course has its advantages and disadvantages – but I really like being able to interact with everyone and hear what is going on even when I am working.

And with all of the recent snow days – that has been necessary!


But the best part of it – is that I get to sit right across from my handsome husband.

We have a lot of new stuff brewing that I can’t wait to share. The really big things I need to stew on for a while – I guess to make sure I do them justice – but it is coming soon.


He is outdoors a lot – and is starting to do some consulting work as well, so he is quite busy these days.

Oh, and I have a new job I haven’t shared about yet – yup, I am in charge of ALL of the costumes for the middle school production of High School Musical. Yes, I said costumes, not the set. And by costumes, I mean over 60 kids with 3 to 4 changes – on a small budget! Have I mentioned I don’t sew?

Hold me.

Truly, though, I am so excited to be able to part of this – both of my girls are in the play so I really feel lucky even it is a bit overwhelming at times. Peanut is a cheerleader and Sunshine is Kelsi – the piano player.


So even though Hubby is home every night, it is amazing to me how little chance we have to stop and catch up. A lot of what he is doing is so physical that he is exhausted by the end of the day. We know we need to be better about that and we just spoke about that today.

But the truth is, I am still in awe and amazement that we are so blessed that he is home.

That he is not in a job that was just taking so much of him.

That he is following his true bliss and I am following mine – and we are figuring out where they cross over and building a life around that.

When I was in Tybee Island a few weeks ago, I had a God moment that was so true and so clear. I feel so comfortable that we are on the right path – even if we fail – this is the right path.

I see it in my girls too.

They are truly blessed with such an amazing Dad – and now they have even more of him.

And so do I.

Thank you for coming here to read this blog and giving me this place that is a big part of my bliss.

And I wish you the chance to find yours.

Have a beautiful weekend sweet friends.

February 21, 2014 — Laura Putnam