What a Wonderful World

Do you have certain memories that no matter how old they are – they are still vividly clear? I remember being on an Amtrak train, heading south towards a Connecticut train station. We were going through the naval yard. I was returning home from visiting my boyfriend for the weekend in New Hampshire. My mom wouldn’t let me drive the trip from New Jersey to New Hampshire, so train travel it was. Vintage-Shelf-Vignette I was deep in thought and all of a sudden I had a realization – a big one. Probably the biggest of my life. Sing-in-Family-Room I wanted to marry that boy. I realized instantly that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Family-room-vignette Me, a girl who was only 20 at the time. We had only been dating a year. And, he was really my first boyfriend. Who was I to be thinking I should be getting married? I knew nothing about dating, or boys or weddings. But I knew. And I was so very right. Family-Room-Decoarting-Ideas copy And when it came time to pick our wedding song – our first dance together at our wedding, we picked a classic. What a Wonderful World Hand-Painted-Wood-Sign Because I knew we would have a wonderful life and world together – that we would face each step of it together. And this fall, we will celebrate twenty years of marriage. Twenty years of growing up together. Learning about life and marriage together. And there have been ups and downs – and I am sure it will continue to be more of the same. But being married to that boy really does make it a wonderful world. And I am so thankful to him for that. And I am so thankful to the talented and kind Tara of the shop Between You and Me who made this beautiful sign as a daily reminder of how lucky we are to be together. Stop by her shop to see all of her amazing signs – and she is also kind enough to be offering all of my readers a 10% discount with the code FINDINGHOME. Wishing you a beautiful day. postsignature.png

March 10, 2014 — Anil Sharma