The-Sketchbook I am old school. I write things down. Lists, calendars, to-do lists all end up on paper with a pen or pencil in hand. Ideas are written down too. Much like my dad has always done, I end up sketching things out on a napkin or a stray piece of paper. I wish I had the artistic talent to truly get the ideas pictured in my head onto paper. When I take ideas seriously, they go in this sketchpad. Truthfully, I haven't pulled it out in a long time, but I have been working on some new projects and I went looking for it. Before I started on the new project, I looked through the pages and I was quite surprised. Writing-Down-Your-Goals The first pages I came too I wrote back in October of 2005. I sketched out what was an earlier logo for my design business. Even then, I was thinking of a product line of home decor. And of having a maple syrup line. The-Plan When we made the change this summer of changing the name of our blog and business from Finding Home to Finding Home Farms, it was not an easy decision. I labored over it for about 18 months. We bought the URL about 6 months before we made the switch because I just couldn't make up my mind. Since we made the change, there have been no fewer than a dozen times that Dana and I have been a situation where we walked away and said how glad we were that we made the change. I guess I shouldn't have stressed about it so much. It turns out that back in 2008, I already had the idea of renaming the business Finding Home Farms. FHF-The-Start Please excuse my lack of artistic skills, but if you look where the arrow is pointing. You will find a bird and to the right, a nest. I guess I also saw a bird, if not specifically a cardinal, as part of our logo and our plans. FHF-The-Start-Arrow What are you dreaming of? What would your ultimate dream look like? Not just for your business or professional goals, but your personal ones too. Write it down. You never know, it 7 to 10 years, you could turn around and it resembles what your wrote down. Dream it. Write it down. Wait for the timing to be right. Work for it. Repeat. Update - A dear friend, Laura, just sent me the link to this TED Talk - it is right in line with what I just shared about here and worth the 10 minute watch! Making-the-Dream-Real Thanks so much for reading! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1