To most of you, just a picture…

To me, an accomplishment.

Months of work on logos and blog designs, trying to learn the technical side of photos of which I have no training.


I am realizing I am a bit of a perfectionist, something I never realized about myself.

I have not put up my home pictures yet because I have been waiting to present them in what I was seeing as their best light. With the border, with the logo watermark, the right details in the room, the whole package. I might need to learn to let go a little!

There are still a few more details within the rooms to work on, and then the actually photographing.

But look, did you see it?

There is a logo watermark and the border I have been wanting!


I am still working on the size and some of the details, but it is a start. And yes, I realize, the clarity is a little off, still to be worked with. Still working on that part!

Thanks to Marian and Michael for helping me out.

Turns out I was saving the files wrong, they were converting to the wrong format, yaddy yaddy!

The bottom, line, I did it. And today that feels good

Good night my friends!

March 31, 2011 — Laura Putnam