Yup, its official –I didn’t just endlessly pin – I did!

First, I made this recipe:

Zucchini Tots

Zucchini Tots by raylynntexas

They were super easy and quick and yummy, my kids even liked them.

I quadrupled the recipe and sent the leftovers home with a friend.

They will be perfect for when we end up with endless zucchini supplies in a few weeks (that’s pending any disasters in my garden!)

Next time, I might change it up a bit, maybe add some small diced red pepper, or garlic, maybe try feta cheese?

I got the sense they would freeze pretty well also.

And yes, I know a good blogger would have taken a picture of my own, but we gobbled them up so fast it never occurred to me.

And the second thing I did was clean…with vinegar and Dawn.

Have you seen this yet?

I am sorry I don’t have a better link – the pins just seem to be an endless link of pins.


There are also some pins out there that say to heat the vinegar in the microwave first.

I did it the first time just as described above. When I came back from leaving it for the hour, I splashed water on it and scrubbed and rinsed.

I think I heard my shower say thank you.

The second time, I heated the vinegar and I didn’t have the hour to wait and it work just as well. This time I also used it on my sinks and it worked great there as well.

When it is soaking – I will not lie your house smells like salad dressing. My daughter evens said “Mom – your room smells bad!”, but once you rinse it off, all you smell is the dawn and it is shiny clean!

How about you, have you found any pins lately that you tried and really liked?

May 24, 2012 — Laura Putnam