I am finding…

…that I am so happy there is a bird family living once again in our barn. Mama was not happy about me taking this picture.

Iphone Late May 035

…that it doesn’t take much for my girl to feel like part of a team – it can be as simple as everyone wearing a unicorn hairstyle.

Iphone Late May 042

…that I am really enjoying starting to run at our track again – it keeps my knee from bothering me – but,

Iphone Late May 053

I really wish I had read this sign before they kicked me out the other day. No worries, I went back AFTER 3:30.

Iphone Late May 105

… that I am really enjoying reading this book while waiting for my girls here and there – powerful story.

Iphone Late May 055

…that I am really glad I took the time for a pedicure the other morning. I was having a tough morning and it was just the distraction I needed. I am also glad I decided to pass on the conservative color I had chosen and go with this crazy purple blue the lady two stations down was trying.

Iphone Late May 068

…that I am really glad we made the decision to put in a pool at the end of last summer. The girls and the hubby already have spent a lot of time in it.

Iphone Late May 069

This is however more my speed until it gets warmer. Bailey may look innocent in the background here. A few hours later she fell in. We do not know if she can swim because my daughter scooped her right up and then my husband pulled her out. Lets just say I am really glad she is getting groomed next week.

Iphone Late May 074

…that I am already in love with my new niece – Introducing Lucy Lu!

Iphone Late May 071

…that I am really excited for the holiday weekend! Much planned – I can not wait!

What about you – what are you finding?

May 25, 2012 — Laura Putnam