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Back-to-School-Mantel-Tutorial It seems the country is on staggered starts for schools – so some of your are already in and some of you are like us – and hanging on tight to the last days of summer. We are at a major change stage here with our oldest starting high school! So, I decided to create a BTS photo banner to reflect back on our first-days-of-school of the past. We all take that picture – of them going off on their first day – so we can remember. Actually, I have a little pit in my stomach as a write this – high school and seventh grade. Simply, overwhelming. Full disclosure – I put the pumpkins there for the pictures, but then I took them down. I wanted to have the fall mood for the pictures, but we are still in full summer mode in these parts! Back-to-School-Mantel And, one of my favorite parts of this project is that it was super quick and easy. Simple-Fall-Mantel First, gather all of your materials. You will need:
  • Scissors
  • Photos – I chose to print mine in black and white and I printed them on white card stock
  • Ribbon
  • Paper Cutter (or just scissors works too!)
  • Decorative Card stock of your choice.
  • Hole Punch
  • Adhesive roller or a glue stick
  • Command Brand Decorating Hooks
Picture-Banner-Materials-Needed Start by trimming your photos and your card stock. I chose to cut my photos to 3.5 x 5 and my paper to 4 x 5.5, but it really is a personal choice. Picture-Banner-Tutorial Use your adhesive to attach the photos to the card stock. How-to-make-a-picture-banner Use your hole punch to put a hole in each of the top corners. How-to-make-a-photo-banner Cut your ribbon to the size of your space where you will be hanging in and string the ribbon through the holes. I chose to leave lots of space so that I can add more photos over time. Photo-Banner-Garland Next, clean the area where you will hanging the Command Brand decorative clips with isopropyl alcohol. Remove the black wall strip and hold it in place where you will be hanging it, for 30 seconds. Then remove the blue strip and put the hook in place, holding it in place for 30 seconds. Do the same on the other side. How-to-make-a-photo-garland Then hang your banner from the hooks. Then, sit back and be overwhelmed that the first day of preschool was not yesterday. That she is going to high school. And now, I am crying. Only four more years and this girl leaves the nest to face this wonderful world on her own. And she will be amazing. Back-to-School-Picture-Banner I guess, it is just one day at a time, doing your best for each day for them and then being there for them even when they are on their own. Parenting is not for sissies. Back-to-School-Photo-Banner Thanks so much for reading and happy almost fall! First-Day-of-School-Photo-Banner Disclosure: This project is being shared in partnership with Command Brand. All opinions and ideas are my own.