Sorry, I know, but I have to share the Halloween wrap-up.

As a Mom, I can’t help myself.

So, Peanut, was Dorothy…


The best part of this costume?

Back in August, the girls and I strolled through Goodwill to see if there was anything “Dorothy-like” so that I could avoid sewing.

I like to say that I “assemble'’ costumes as opposed to “making” them.

This dress, handmade mind you, was on the rack for $6!

It was a perfect fit, we just had to loosen the armholes.

Add some tights, a thermal long sleeve, a basket with Toto, and of course – Ruby Slippers found at Target.

My ultimate goal is to always be able to reuse anything that gets purchased for costumes and I know this child will wear those Ruby slippers pretty regularly!

And Blondie, was a peacock…


Her costume consisted of a shirt she will use again, leggings she already had and tutu made from purple and turquoise tulle with peacock feathers. It didn’t photograph all that well

The mask was from the Christmas Tree Shop and was $1!

I was planning on making something, but for $1, that works!

I did make a hair piece for when she wasn’t wearing the mask.

I also made everything in double as she and her friend dressed up as peacocks together.


They went together to a party of Friday night and the amazing thing was, we saw a peacock on the way there – no lie!

A house down the street has one, weird, I know.

I tried to get a picture, but he jumped up too high into the trees.


In case you are wondering, even peacocks have to practice their guitars…


And Dorothy can be scary if she wants too..


Even though Toto was a favorite stuffed friend, Dorothy was glad to come in from the cold and snuggle by the fire with her real Toto, also known as Bailey!

Have a great day!

November 01, 2011 — Laura Putnam