So it took me a couple of weeks to get back to it, but I am here with another Show & Tell Friday.

This is where I do a little telling about what is going on in our world, but even more fun, I share some fun and inspiring projects I come across in Blogland!

So, I am going to start with the share.

The first is a bedroom redo that really shows that you can get the look you want working with you find or have, you just have to add some hard work to the equation.


Please stop by Crafty Scrappy Happy to read more.

Next up, a wedding.

There are some many take away simple and elegant inspiration points here that I wanted to share.


Stop by Love of Family and Home to see more.

And now to tell.

We got a Hobby Lobby this week!

Now I will finally know what all the hype is about. I went and did a quick run through this morning. The employees were all super nice and helpful, but I could not get over how huge it is! Lots of inspiration will be found there!

As if two peacocks and a Dorothy costume were not enough last week, my Peanut was also in a Vocabulary Parade last week.

If you have never heard of such an event, each child is assigned a word (My older daughter was pellucid, anyone know that one?!), they dress in a costume to represent their word and then, you guessed it, there is a parade!

The costumes are meant to be pulled together with recycled materials and what you have around the house.

My girl’s word was Horticulture.

And here she is…

lafayette 127

The fun part, the kids could “act” their words if they wanted. I didn’t have a whole lot of expectation with “Horticulture”.

But guess what?

lafayette 119

She won for most animated!

For a girl who struggles sometimes with her confidence, this was a great day.

And lastly, if you have been around a while you know I started redoing my older daughter’s room a LONG time ago.

I really, really really am going to try to finish by the beginning of next week!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a GREAT weekend!

We are going to try and redo a snowed out 11th birthday sleepover!

November 04, 2011 — Laura Putnam