Yesterday I share with you my daughter’s easy and “assembled” Supergirl Halloween Costume.

supergirl costume

And today I want to share with you about the boots.

They started as an Epic Pinterest Fail!

I am not going to link to the “pin” because I don’t want to insult anyone’s pin and clearly she is much more skilled than I.

Basically, the pin called for using duct tape over socks – which were over shoes to create a costume boot.

When I tried the directions- under a major time pressure of course – I couldn’t get her foot out, nor could I get her foot back in after I cut them off her.

It was right about that time that my sister called and said - “Why don’t you just use duct tape over some old rain boots?”

Um, hello – you couldn’t have called 30 minutes earlier?

But my fail was perefect - because know you have an even EASIER way to add boots to a Halloween costume.

Easy Halloween Costume Boots

Now, our are slightly wonky because we had already used almost all of our duct tape on the failed sock debacle.

This is the ONE time I didn’t just buy two to “make sure we had enough” – and we didn’t.

So, the whole puffy part actually is the cut apart “sock fail” placed over the top of the boot with the few pieces of duct tape left holding them in place.

We then used silver as an accent (in other words, to finish since there was no more gold!) and hold together.

The best part – she was epically happy and skipped off to her party just in time.

So, if you just started this way from the beginning – the process is simple:

1. Start with an old pair of boots – preferably rubber because the tape should remove – don’t use anything that you want to be kept pristine.

2. Cover in duct tape of your choice – and in the stores now there are a million different choice. Yours will be much smoother because you will have eliminated the whole "duct tape the sock" step.

3. Put them on your child’s – or for that matter – YOUR feet and rock your Halloween costume!

Thanks for reading!