Happy Halloween friends.

If you are reading this (as I am writing it on Sunday night) that means I am still without power compliments of “Sandy” or I am still in recovery mode.

Or both.

Since “Trick-or-Treating” is unlikely for us here in the storm’s path this year, I am hoping you will be willing to take a trip down memory lane of Halloween’s past…

…through Halloween costumes.

As I said in my post about Peanut’s Supergirl Halloween costume – we are more of “assemblers” of costumes.

“Assembling” a costume means pulling together parts from many places as opposed to buying a pre-made costume. It usually involves some sort of “crafting”, but never involves sewing.

Oaky, there are some store bought costumes in the mix here…

Ghost of Halloween


Peacock – headpiece crafted from feathers, skirt – an old stand by – tie lengths of tulle onto a piece of elastic sized to fit your child.

Dorothy – dress was amazingly found at Goodwill in August and it fit, shoes from Target. Toto is a long time friend.


Ghost of Halloween


Queen of Heats – black dress found on clearance at Target – hearts from craft paper and tulle tied on boots and hat with some cards tucked in.

Sort of an angel – but really her own invention – white clothing, silver sparkly scarf, sprayed hair, wings were purchased from a craft store.

Ghost of Halloween


Cowgirl – pulled together from items we had – hat was purchased at a discount store.

A fairy of sorts – again, her creation of colors and the hat was the key ingredient. Hat and wings were purchased at a costume store.

Ghost of Halloween


I must say, my finest Halloween moment.

Lady bug – costume was purchased but I made her doll’s costume from tulle and felt.

Daisy – green leggings and shirt, tulle skirt using the same method mentioned above, flower crafted from felt – same for her doll.

Ghost of Halloween


Store bought witches – yup!

Ghost of Halloween


Statue of Liberty – she was obsessed with the Statue of Liberty that year – I think we went thee times. Store bought costume but I made her torch.

(oh, and if anyone knows where in the heck I put that awesome cat on the pumpkin – let me know!)

Strawberry Shortcake – had the outfit, added some strawberry shades and store bought hat. She rocked it. Oh, and there were freckles on her nose.

Ghost of Halloween


A total throw back – store bought cats – and my trash can in the hall. Meow.

Not shown – the awesome honey pot trick or treat container for Pooh Bear I made in 2002.

Happy Halloween Friends!