About 4 years ago we were at a crossroads.

Stay or go.

And if we went, where?

Lots considered and thought through.

But all paths ended up leading right back to where I am sitting now.


We have admittedly been searching for some time. It is even how we ended up with the name of this little ol’ business and blog – Finding Home.

That has always been our goal - Home.

I spent this weekend cleaning my very messy house – no blogging, little computer and even not much phone time.

Just getting myself in gear for some busy weeks ahead.

But, I took a moment to step outside and see our home in the beautiful fall light.

Here, we have a strong family life, a community, a great school district, a church community and great friends.

Our little ol’ valley with all its bumps and bruises, is actually quite stunning.


It is far from perfect and there are some big things that aren’t working.

But we are working on them on together.

And I guess that really is what home is all about.

In a million years, I never would have pictured myself living here in this part of the country and writing a blog.

You just never know the plans.

I am so thankful to each of you for reading this blog and helping me find direction down my paths.

I don’t think I say thank you quite enough – so…

Thank you for reading.

Wishing you many blessings for your week.

October 22, 2012 — Laura Putnam