Branding-Book-Review This post is for any and all of you that have your own business, blog or brand and for all of you that love the concepts involved in creating a brand. I can not deny, I am a brand junkie. I love reading stories of how companies create and build their brands. I get giddy when I walk into a store or a business and they clearly made a strong effort to create a strong and consistent brand image. Have you ever felt that way? Or seen a product and know right away who it was from without seeing the name? There was just that one detail that makes it for sure that is from... Don't we all want that for our blog / brand / business? How-to-Style-Your-Brand-Book-Review Recently, while on Instagram, my new source for all things, I saw that Holly Becker of Decor8 shared a book from one of her previous students (it no longer seems to be there). I clicked over to The Brand Stylist and followed her because I was intrigued. A few days later she shared another picture that caused me to click over and then head to her website. After digging around a bit, I became very interested in her book, so I read more. And then, I had an amazing moment. Building-Your-Blog-Brand I quickly contacted our amazing branding company, Braizen and asked them if this book I was getting ready to order was the same one they had reached out about giving permission for our brand to be featured. Could that even be possible? That our little brand that we worked so hard to create a true "brand" for was being featured in this book. Can you believe it? It was. Sigh. Finding-Home-Brand-Marketing I quickly ordered a copy and could not believe my eyes when I saw a two page spread featuring our brand and all of the elements that Braizen had created with us. I can not believe that we started our journey about a year ago to recreate Finding Home into a brand with staying power and that made a connection. We built everything around the ideas of gather, create and connect. And now we are in a book about branding itself. My heart filled with such joy. These ideas and concepts make sense in my own head, but I am never fully sure how they are perceived from the outside. This feature made me realize that the ideas of our brand has footing for us to grow on. I could not be more excited for where we can go from here. Brand-Marketing-Plans I wanted to also take a moment and talk about the book itself. As I said, I was ready to order it before I realized we were in it. Oh how I wish I had this book when we were going through the process. I am pretty sure Braizen wishes I had this book when we were going through the process as well. I have never seen a more comprehensive guidebook to creating a brand. Whether you are working on it yourself, you are creating a design direction for a graphic designer or if you are working with a full service branding company, this book is for you. I should stop to say that this is not a sponsored post. Yes, I am extra giddy about the book because we are in it, but it really is good. From learning the basic terminology to many branding examples, you can develop the language you need to communicate with a branding or designing professional. How many times has in been in your head, but you didn't have the words to communicate. Learning the language, is the first place to start. Do you know what kerning is? I do now. Brand-Marketing This book, How to Style Your Brand, guides you through the emotional connections of a brand as well as the technical aspects. From the basics, to the planning to the steps to creating your vision, this is the guidebook I always wished I had. And I have to gush on the author one more time to share that this book is completely self-published. She created all aspects of this book, of course with a helpful team, but it is her work. From someone who only had to do the photography and writing of a book, I am beyond impressed with the quality. Planning-Brand-Marketing_edited-1 I will be speaking at the Haven Conference this summer and I will share about how we are transitioning our blog to a brand. The steps that we took and the questions that we asked ourselves. If you are attending the conference, I would love to have you join us. My true hope is that someone reading this post, orders the book and finds it immensely helpful. Then they go on to create or recreate the brand of their dreams which leads to the level of success they hope for. Wouldn't that be a beautiful thing? Thank you so much, as always for reading. Quickpen-Signature_edited-1 Disclosure: Although this post is not sponsored, it does contain affiliate links.