Happy Saturday sweet friends! Today is the day where I share what has been inspiring me around the web and some fun updates and tidbits. First thing today is that I am actually going to ask for your help. One of my favorite projects of all time is Upcycled Vintage Door Beverage Bar Station. UpcycledOutdoorBeverageStationBarfromOldDoors_thumb.png Turns out Bob Villa likes it too and his site is running a contest for the best door project. Now, there are some heavy hitters in this so I am not even looking to win. I am just hoping to not hang my head in shame - hah! So, if you could take a moment and go HERE and vote, I would so appreciate it. And if you are feeling really nutty, you can vote everyday until the end of the month. Thank you sweet friends! I have been trying to figure out something new for our front door and I think I may have just found the perfect inspiration with this Faux Fern Wreath. diy-fern-wreath-6 I can always be wooed by a gallery wall, but the black background and trim of this gallery wall take the wooing to a new level. black-white-gallery-wall I am loving all of the sweet details in this home office. Sauder-Desk-1024x1024 We have an even next month that we need to set up a display for and I was planning on doing something similar to this project. Now I am starting to think I should find a place to do it in my house as well - so pretty! Antique-Ladder-Shelf-final This is still one of my favorite summer projects. This is still one of my favorite and easiest summer projects. Thanks so much for reading and I hope your day weekend is amazing! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1
May 16, 2015 — Anil Sharma