So, what I should be posting about this morning is how my Christmas stuff is all put away, my house is organized and I am ready to start some new projects. NOT!

First, in our family, Christmas doesn’t come down under after New Year’s. First, because we are usually gone between Christmas and New Year’s and second, because it is tradition.

So what did I do? Saturday I spent HOURS reading and studying a guidebook for my camera. I have had it for over a year and have tried to read it about 5 times. Now, knowing better what I want to achieve, I think I was ready to learn. I even took notes!

Also, I found a whole bunch of new blogs. I thought I had plenty to be inspired by but I found a whole new group of incredible and inspiring people out there.

Sunday, my husband brought all of the bins in from the garage to start packing up Christmas. But something happened that has never happened before.

I got sucked into this…

A Puzzling Day

Note his look of great concentration!

My parents and my husband were working on a puzzle I got for Christmas while I was “studying” my camera in the other room. Yes, it was my puzzle and my husband gave it to me. It is of the painting Sugar Sugar by Will Moses. I am a huge fan of his and my husband thought it would be fun.

The problem is, I don’t do puzzles. My husband also admitted that he didn’t realize it was 1000 pieces when he bought it. His whole family are “puzzlers” and they claim that he never participated in the puzzles they worked on growing up.

So what happened? I don’t know. But we spent HOURS doing this puzzle. Till 10:30 last night, which is pretty late for him I must say. Once I started, I could not stop. I just want to find one more piece…Oh wait, I think I know where this one goes….and so it went!

This is where we are now. 119 pieces left to go.

Yup, I counted them.

I thought at the end it would go a lot faster.

I was wrong.

The ones left are without any “telling details” to help you find their location.

A Puzzling Day




After, I took this picture, I put a blanket right over it. First, so they dog doesn’t find any pieces yummy. And, second to keep me the heck away from it so I can’t some things done around here.

So the plan is to FINISH IT TONIGHT. And we have to so my house won’t be such a pit!

As much as I am cracking myself up that I spent my day doing this and feeling frustrated for what I didn’t get done, I couldn’t be happier for doing it.

It put the real world reality of vacation being over on hold for one more day.

I spent some really great time with my husband.

I was really pleased to see how well we worked together. Not that it was a surprise, just reassuring. Our dream is to someday work together side by side everyday.

So for now I will settle for a puzzle.

But next time, we will start it on the first day of vacation!

Have a great day!

January 03, 2011 — Laura Putnam