There is one thing my family has become very competitive about over the last few years. Punch buggy. We are really not about the punch, more about finding one first and yelling it out really quick. Sometimes, there are unintentional hard punches in excitement. There are also the unfortunate times when the knuckles catch just so, that even on a soft hit, they hurt like heck.

 We seem to find a higher percentage of the glorious "punch buggies" when we are on Long Beach Island, NJ. This past weekend, we snuck away there for a few days and found ourselves punching quite a bit. After one particular good find, a vintage VW Bettle, my girl Peanut shared her wish. BeachHouseDecorating_thumb.jpg She said when she is an old woman (I chose not to ask her to clarify what "old" meant) she wishes for some very specific things. She wants to drive a VW Beetle.

 She wants to have a beach house. She wants to wear dresses every day. She wants to be happily married. And one more wish I almost forgot but she reminded me, she wants to still be wearing a bikini.

 I smiled and shared with her that she pretty much just summed up all of my hopes, dreams and prayers for her. To me, her wish sounded like confidence, love and support, a fun spirit and financial security. Hoping it goes from her lips to God's ears. Quickpen-Signature_edited-1