Hello friends.

We are back on the grid after three days of no power or water.

Now we can see the television and know how lucky we were – that we were spared.

That there are so many people so close around us who are facing so much.

Now that we have power, the thing I wasn’t prepared for is the guilt.

How much I take for granted each day.

To be able to turn on the water…


So that I can wash dishes, to flush a toilet, to take a shower.

To be able to push a button – and magically I have coffee.


To be able to push another series of buttons – and my clothes are clean.


That I can flip a switch and turn on a light.


That I can sit here at my computer and communicate with you.

A lot of people in our community still do not have power and our schools are open but running on a two hour delay.

Our high school is offering hot showers – something we were blessed with two days in from a dear friend.

Best shower of my life.

My dad is still without power and if he doesn’t have it by morning, he has agreed to come and stay with us now that we do.

My mom and stepdad own a small place in Long Beach Island, NJ – a little haven and our favorite place in the world. There is truly something magical about that island.

We don’t know yet how bad – but we know it is bad. We know how lucky we are, but it is still heartbreaking to see the pictures of someplace you love so much be so destroyed.

So me moved through today we heavy hearts that are filled with appreciation.

Blessings to all of you.

Thanks for reading.

November 02, 2012 — Laura Putnam