Yesterday, my mom, my sister and my friend Jackie and I went to see the Nate Berkus show. It is filmed at the CBS studio in NYC, but it is being syndicated so in our area it is being broadcast on NBC. Unfortunately, they had some "technical difficulties" and we had to wait in line, in the heat, for a REALLY long time. Then we waited inside for a REALLY long time. However, the "warm up" lady, Dena Blizzard (she is on facebook, really funny, and said she will friend anyone but her husband) was so great along with the rest of the staff trying to make it tolerable for all of us. Below is the picture of the awning out front and the head of the tall guy who was first in line.
A Day in the City to See Nate!
Below is a picture of the really funny lady who was part of the second group in line (we were third, which meant we waited a long time, but then got in quicker). Funny because where you are in line makes no difference to where you sit and these ladies ended up sitting right in front of us in the studio.
A Day in the City to See Nate!
I did not take any picture inside the studio which I realize in hindsight makes me a total chicken and proves that I am a total rule follower. The set was very simple and classic with some great vintage and industrial type pieces thrown in. They had great sconces which I would guess would have to be from Restoration Hardware. I do not yet know when the show will air, actually we were part of taping for two shows. It should be posted on the website soon. I am not sure that I really want to see myself on camera. You spend so much time getting all spiffed up but I suspect it will be quite torturous to see yourself on camera, kind of like when you hear your voice on a recording. The "free" tickets were not so free by the time we all bought new outfits, drove to the city, paid for parking and then went to dinner with some very yummy wine. We went to a great restaurant recommended to us by someone on the staff called Puttanesca on the corner of 9th and 56th. Very nice atmosphere (great blend of vintage and fancy). Again, should have taken a picture, still learning.... I am however very pleased how easy it was to download the pictures I took with my new phone. There is a micro SD card in my phone that you slide into a regular sized SD card that can be put right into the computer to download. Now that I know that I have no excuses for the future to take lots of pictures. I also "paid" for my "free" tickets this morning when I woke up and could not move my foot because my calf was so cramped up. Then I realized the reason for that is that I walked around the city in heels when I am usually a flip flop girl! Here is my crew waiting in line, right before we all started to get really cranky and hot. You would not have wanted to see a picture of that!
A Day in the City to See Nate! Thanks ladies, it was really a fun day!
September 04, 2010 — Laura Putnam