I went to my first auction for 2011 last night. There is another one tonight and one more on Saturday!

But before I share about that, I would like to say thank you to all of my followers. I reached 200 on Tuesday and that felt like quite an accomplishment. Thanks you so much for following along and I hope I don’t disappoint you! I have a lot of ideas brewing at this point, just hoping to find the time to get it all done. So again,


I am going to be putting together a giveaway of a collection of my auction finds from the next few days. Please check back!

It is going to be a crazy day here, especially with the snow coming to our area tomorrow. So, everything meant to be done in the next two days needs to be crammed into just today, so please excuse me if I am quick!

Isn’t it all so pretty!

auction finds johnson januar 021

I was able to get seven of these lovely juice glasses. I will admit, I had not noticed them ahead of time, no one was bidding on them and I thought they looked like my friend Kathy’s pattern. So, Kathy, if it is, they are for you! If not, they are too cute and they will be for me!

auction finds johnson januar 016

Don’t they make a pretty little family? A momma and her chicks! Look for these when Easter comes around!

auction finds johnson januar 017

Some sheet music. I have a ton already, but couldn’t pass up on “Make Room for the Joy”!

auction finds johnson januar 022

A beautiful old mail scale. Fun.

auction finds johnson januar 024

Some more fun handkerchiefs.

auction finds johnson januar 025

And my favorite one! Do you think the lovely lady who owned this put it around her neck and turned it to the correct “direction” for her husband? Stop! Go! Caution! SOS!

I think that would be very helpful for my husband at times!

auction finds johnson januar 027

And, I went after one particular thing last night. They had several and I was hoping for one. The auction spirits were on my side and I walked away with all five!

I will wait till there is some snow on the ground to take pictures of those! That is a pretty good clue but you will just have to wait and see!

So if you are still with me here at the bottom, and your name begins with “C”, or someone you love’s name begins with “C”, and you would be interested in the “C” handkerchiefs up above…

The first two people who leave a comment for me expressing their interest, I would be happy to send one to you!

Please just make sure that you include your email and request the pink or the brown. Once I have your email I will contact you for your address!

Since there are so many great little hankies, I thought I would share this post over at Freckled Laundry party for some fun!

Have a great day!


January 06, 2011 — Laura Putnam