On our 10th anniversary, we went away just the two of us. By the time we returned from our 5 hour drive home a plan was in place. I would begin my business, within 45 days I had a company name, business cards, letterhead and invitations mailed to about 50 people to come to my launch party. Now it is just 5 years later and I have learned so much about starting a design and decorating business. Some things I love even more then when I started, some things...I could do without. Now we are redoing are own house, about 10 years after we moved in. Everything in our house is pretty much "builder-grade" and we are trying to evolve our house into our home. We have spent the last 15 years moving quite a few times and trying to find a sense of being established in a community. I believe how you surround yourself, what you live among and within affects your mood, your outlook and how you live. Through my design business and through our own experiences, I have found we are trying to accomplish one thing. We are all searching, we are all FINDING HOME.
January 25, 2010 — Laura Putnam