Organizing Ideas – Repurposed DIY Vintage Crate Boot Rack


I am over it – over it, over it and over it.  All of the snow – and the mud that is soon to follow.  But I finally have a solution for one part of it – a DIY vintage crate boot rack.

Sometimes, a project has all the ingredients that make it perfection for me.

Fills a need, fits a space perfectly, works functionally, clears some of my hoard collection out of the garage, inexpensive, re-purposes vintage items and is down right cute.  And this project checks off this whole list in my book.


I love our mudroom, but the reality is I planned our mudroom poorly.  The bins for all of the muddy messy boots are all the way on the opposite side of the room.   But don’t we all need a place to store the boots coming in from outside?

Not to mention dirty dogs.  Do you see the dirt on those paws.  Ugh.

I have a very small area here before there are stairs.  And what you can’t see is that to the right of the bins is the door to the garage.  It drives me crazy if I can’t open the door all the way and this area was always full with piled up, falling over dirty boots that blocked the door.


Here is what you need to create this project:

Crates: they can easily be found at vintage shops, yard sales, etc.

Metal Brackets – you need enough brackets to connect each crate to the others it touches.

Large Metal Bracket – this will run along the bottom to hold it all together and give stronger support.

Casters – depending on the size, anywhere from 4 – 6 casters.  The casters make it easy to move out of the way to clean the inevitable mess that will grow around it.

– Drill

Small Screws – you want to make sure not to go deeper than the wood thickness.

Step 1:

Determine the configuration of your crates that fits your space best.  Try different sizes and orientations of the crates.  We only stacked two crates high, if you go higher, you might want to secure it to the wall for safety.


Step 2:

Drill a pilot hole and then use the small screws and metal brackets to attach the crates to each other for stability.


Step 3:

Drill pilot holes and screws to attach the long metal bracket across the bottom.



Step 4:

Drill pilot holes and screws to attach the casters.  I chose to also add them at the center so that it would not sag.


Step 5:

When it was all pulled together, we added some screws inside the crates (towards the front) to attach to the crate next to it.  This gave additional stability to the unit.

And that is it!

We also chose to attach the beverage crate at the top to hold gloves, sunglasses, etc.  Most of the hats and gloves are in the bins on the other side of the room, but there is space for a quick grab or the wet stuff.

If you had a little more room, it would also work great to add some baskets, hooks and even clothes pins to store hats and gloves as well.


 Since I seem to love to projects made from salvaged and rustic wood elements, you can see all of those projects here.

I seem to also have a love affair with doorshere is one of my most recent door projects.


Thanks so much for reading and wishing you a great day!


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26 thoughts on “Organizing Ideas – Repurposed DIY Vintage Crate Boot Rack”


  1. You are SOOOO clever! I have the same dilemma and would LOVE to make this work! I can get the crates (aged) for 10 bucks a pc. Well worth the functionality of this project with purpose!
    Thanks for sharing!
    And love the door with plates!

  2. What a wonderful idea! You’ve solved the problem and it looks so neat. Was that you with the drill? I can handle a sewing machine but I haven’t touched a drill yet. Perhaps that would be something I should learn.

  3. Laura what a great idea. I love it. Then again I love all of your ideas. Love love love…the plate door and that green table. I hear you about the snow I’m done with it and so ready for Spring!

  4. OK, I am seriously in love with this idea. My “mud room” is actually a former back porch, and has a total of three windows, two doors, my washer and dryer, AND a large dog crate. Needless to say, it STAYS messy. Oy. I’ve had an old munitions crate to hold boots and shoes FOREVER, but never thought about doing anything like this! We soon outgrew the box when little slip-on canvas sneakers turned into adult-sized boots – four pair, a pair of crocs, my mowing shoes, the occasional sock . . . . But your solution would be PERFECT! If I do this, I will definitely send you a picture!

    Thanks for the idea!! 🙂

    PS. I am so over snow, too . . . and that makes me a little sad!

  5. Oh my Laura, I sure hope you wasnt on a roll and screw Bailey Rose to the door mat.LOL. I am also tired of snow and sand and dirt and wet shoes and paws. Sweep the floors, mop the floors, wash the rugs, and do it again in a couple days.Like your idea with the crates, how ever im saving mine for flowers in the yard. Hubby gone this weekend so i wont be doing much cooking. 4 days to do some much needed crafting.Think i will paint my crates with a spring seed packet look on one side and a fall look on the other side. Booker is also tired of the snow,we had a talk this morning about sitting on the deck in the warm sun. THINK SPRING!!!!!! Have a great day Laura.

  6. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G – love this !!!
    I also have an obsession with doors -so I completely get it lol
    But I need that rustic unit for my mudroom !

  7. This is a wonderful idea and an attractive way to deal with the messy problem of winter boots. I love to use vintage items any way I can in my home and I never would have thought to use crates the way you did. Great project!

  8. Holy Wow! What a great project. I wish I had the space to fit one in! I see that you live in the HV…I’m a lifelong Duchess County resident/ We have been living in NC since last April, sorry you had such a rough winter this year, I’m happy that we left just in time! Would love to know exactly where you are from.

  9. I am beyond in love with the crate storage! I started my search the other day. So far I have a REALLY COOL milk crate with the metal round rings that held milk bottles back in the day.
    Cant wait to find the rest

  10. I am in LOVE with this! I’ve been trying to decide what to do with the shoe mess that comes every fall so this is perfect. Now off to a few antique marts over the summer to find some crates 🙂

  11. Love it! And its so country and sheikh too! The Wednesday “To Grandma’s House We Go” link party just started over at and I thought you might be interested in joining it, thanks!