5-Sweet-and-Savory-Maple-Syrup-Recipes Do you ever go through spurts with cooking? I tend to do a lot of easy / quick stuff for a period of time, and then I go through a big spurt of cooking up a storm. And what that happens, I like to experiment and try new recipes - especially when they have my favorite ingredient. Maple syrup recipes are where I always like to experiment the most. And this weekend, fingers crossed - we will have our first big boil for syrup. Did you know we make our own maple syrup? So over the next few weeks I will experimenting and most likely making a huge mess in the kitchen. But until I come up with something new, I thought I would share some of my tried and true favorites. This one is the one my youngest daughter asks me to make all the time - Maple Bacon Cheese Cups. They really are amazing. MapleBaconCheeseCupRecipeFindingHome.png If you need a fun lunch idea that you can make ahead - Maple Roasted Tomato Orzo Salad is a great option. MapleRoastedTomatoOrzoSaladRecipeFindingHome.png A savory option that can be used so many ways is Maple Bacon Pepper Jelly
Maple Bacon Pepper Jelly Recipe Jar
Of course, if savory is not your thing and you want to make a toast - you can't go wrong with Mason Jar Maple Martinis  And finally, if you want to go old school with your maple syrup, you can try the classic Sugar on Snow. SugaronSnowRecipe.jpg
March 07, 2014 — Brad Mills