Halloween Wreath Take 2



The other day I showed you the first item, the Black and Bling wreath from my Halloween crafts I have been making for my Home and Harvest Sale upcoming in a few weeks.

Today, I want to share my next wreath, Bones and Spiders.

before and after back, mom and fall crafts 3252

I did essentially the same wreath last year, minus the skeletons, but my photography was hideous and you really can’t see much, so I am not linking back to that!

before and after back, mom and fall crafts 327

Once again, this wreath is super easy peasy as well.

Start with a wreath form, whatever you find cheap.

I used a muslin type fabric that I tore by hand to get the rough edges.

Wrap about  2” wide strips of fabric around the wreath form till it is covered.

Then, go back in and use smaller short strips that you tie on to give the look of wrapped mummy.

Then, glue your spider and skeletons in place.

For the skeletons, I also used some stick pins to make sure they weren’t going anywhere.

before and after back, mom and fall crafts 331

I put the skeletons arms around each other for a little bit of humor as well.

Add a ribbon for hanging, and you are done!

before and after back, mom and fall crafts 328

I will be sharing this project at some of the parties listed here and this one here.

Thanks so much for reading!

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16 thoughts on “Halloween Wreath Take 2”


  1. I love your newest creation. My kids are really into Halloween already this year and this would make a perfect addition to their homemade decorations. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Quick question! Where did you find the skeletons with jointed legs and arms that small? I’m only finding 16″ ones for $5 a piece! I love the trio they are just so cute!