Decorating-with-Navy-Green-for-Summer copy We may have jumped the gun a bit, but the pool is open my friends. It was either last week or not for a few weeks in terms of timing, so we decided to gamble and go for the earlier one. Weather reports are showing that me just may have made a good decision as there may be a hot streak next week. After looking at the weather, Dana and I started talking about planning a Memorial Day party. And then we remembered. We remembered if we plan a party, it will rain. So we decided to keep things loose - and just be ready - just in case, you know the sun is shining and some friends might want to stop by for a bit. But it definitely won't be a party. And since the pool is open, it only made sense to get the house ready for the summer season as well. And, I am lucky enough to be joining Julie at Julie Blanner for her Celebrate Summer Home Tour. If you are joining me from Sue's home over at The Zhush - welcome. "Zhush" happens to be an active part of my vocabulary so I am so thankful for Sue helping me know how to spell it and inspiring me always with her beautiful style and kind smile. If you are new around here, you will find my style is a little bit traditional, a little bit farmhouse and a whole lot of casual. We don't want our home to not be a showplace, but a place where you can relax and just do you. We run our family business from our home - making our own organic maple syrup and we have a home decor line with soy candles and vintage and vintage inspired pieces. We are in the Hudson Valley of NY and we love living here and raising our two teenage girls out "in the country" but still close to all that we need. Tradtional-farmhouse-family-room I don't necessarily plan it, but common elements seem to develop when I am changing my home out for the seasons. This year, there are lot of herbs and navy and green. I am in total denial that the herbs will really need to move outside to larger planters, but until I have time for that, I am enjoying them in our house and sticking my nose in them constantly. And the navy plaid just says summer to me, like come on over and let's have a picnic. I am loving it so much right now, it may have also made it outside to the porch as well. Navy-Green-Family-Room I used to go all out and pretty much trash the house decorating our mantel. I really enjoyed doing that then, a creative outlet of sorts. Now, I am perfectly happy placing a few items that seem to work together, at least with my eye. I take down the chalkboard often and replace it with different things, but I tend to really like when it is back up there and how it grounds the space. Summer-Herb-Mantel-Chalkboard herbs-in-terra-cotta-pots I always like to mix in vintage pieces, especially when there is a great story behind them. These little French flashcards just entertain me but they have not taught me a thing about speaking French. French-Flash-Cards copy styled-coffee-table-for-summer Farmhouse-style-family-room We renovated our home six years ago now, keeping the same footprint but just laying things out differently. We changed over to simple white cabinets at that time, but keeping the wood elements with the island in a rustic wood. Simple-Traditional-Farmhouse-Decorating copy I try to keep the kitchen and family room areas together in decorating since they move right from one to the other and it is where we spend all of our time. IMG_0287 Traditional-Farmhouse-Decorating_edited-1 I change this little gallery wall of sorts out all of the time, some things stay and other things change out for the seasons or on a whim. Summer-Gallery-Wall copy Gingham-Check-Dining-Chairs copy White-Farmhouse-Kitchen-Decorating_edited-1 Tradtional-White-Farmhouse-Kitchen copy Summer-Farmhouse-Kitchen_edited-1 I don't take myself, or our home too seriously. So, it is not unusual to find a cast iron cow on our kitchen island. Farmhouse-Kitchen-Decorating copy1 white-and-wood-farmhouse-kitchen_edited-1 Sparkling-Cherry-Limeade copy Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me share our home with you today. You are in for a treat because the next stop is my dear and entertaining friend KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms. Her home is beautiful and welcoming, but her story telling and southern charm are always the star over there. Thank you once again to Julie Blanner for being the most delightful host! The rest of today's stops are Boxwood Avenue and House 214 Design and don't forget the stop before me, The Zhush. And make sure to follow for all three days to see the rest of the tour. Thank you so much for stopping by. Here is the full line-up for the week:

Boxwood Avenue

The Zhush Thistlewood Farms House 214 Design Love Grows Wild Rooms for Rent Beneath My Heart

Restoration House My Sweet Savannah City Farmhouse Craftberry Bush Julie Blanner French Country Cottage

May 23, 2016 — Anil Sharma