Easy-DIY-Tray-Peel-Stick-Wallpaper Hello friends! Today, I have an easy and quick project that you can customize exactly as you would like it. And, as I am writing this, I realize if fits perfectly as a 10 Minute Decorating Idea. If you aren't familiar with my 10 Minute Decorating Ideas, you can click here to see them all. They are exactly what they sound like, some quick ideas when 10 minutes is all you have to decorate an area of your home. This tray works perfectly in your kitchen, on a coffee table, even on a dresser to organize perfume, etc. DIY-Peel-Stick-Wallpaper-Tray I am showing it with two different style, one with the blue and one with the beautifully woodsy pattern. Coffee-Table-Tray-DIY I don't know if you saw last week that I have started doing a video series with Wayfair. Last week, I shared an introduction and this week I am sharing the step-by-step tips for this project. I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to watch the tutorial

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May 13, 2016 — Laura Putnam