herbs-in-terra-cotta-pots I am totally smitten and in love with terra cotta pots. It started last year when we went to Italy. Where we were staying had these amazing and huge terra cotta pots all over the grounds with simple green leafed plants, sometimes with some simple white flowers. I knew I wanted to add them outside to our back patio (sharing on that soon), but they have found their way inside our house as well and I have figured out the easiest possible way to age them, in minutes. And since it only took minutes, than it also counts as my latest 10 Minute Decorating Idea. Landscape-Painting-Summer-Mantel copy I picked up a handful of posts the other week and found myself filling them with herbs. I was thinking it would be temporary until it was warm enough to put them outside, but I love them so much inside I have been trying to really be diligent about watering them and keeping them alive. Sage-Herb-Plant-Terra-Cotta copy I had picked up herbs that matched with the scents of our soy candles but they also happen to be my most favorite ones and I am constantly sniffing them and snipping off leaves. Read more - Meadow soy candle     Herb-Soy-Candle-Rosemary-Mint copy I knew I wanted to age the terra cotta pots, just a little bit. When I started looking for ways to do it, the all seemed complicated or I didn't really like the way they came out. Then I remembered that I had some of Miss Mustard Seed's White Wax and thought it might work out perfectly - and I was right. I applied it two different ways - some with a brush and "smooshed" it on and some with a paper towel and wiped it on. In both cases, I wiped it down with a paper towel to take it down just a bit. You can see in the picture below the areas I have waxed and those I have not. I applied it all over, even the inside edges. I did five pots and it took me less than ten minutes. IMG_6210 I couldn't be happier with how it came out. I have some larger pots that I am putting outside. I haven't decided yet if I will just let them naturally age or if I should help them along with some wax, but I will let you know! In case you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post. I just happen to love the white wax from Miss Mustard Seed. The-easiest-way-to-age-terra-cotta-pots Thanks so much for reading! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1