View More: It is that time of year again. When the trees are tapped and the air begins to be filled with steam and the sweet smell of syrup. This year, it all came so early. It is hard to believe that as of Saturday, all of the trees were fully tapped. We have never been ready this early. There have been lots of glitches, and still a few to work out, but we are up and running. Last year, we couldn't keep up with production because our equipment was too small for the amount of sap we were collecting. This year, we installed some new equipment and so getting all that up and running put some pressure on this early timeline. The new equipment has made some changes in our systems. But one thing never changes. View More: His love for being out in the woods. His love for working with his hands and figuring out all of the systems. He is hard on himself and criticizes himself for not being "handy" enough for all of the equipment needs and set up. I try to gently remind him to look at all he has accomplished and learned. He was explaining a new set up to me today and I could tell that he was beginning to realize for himself all that he has accomplished. View More: There are a lot more big changes coming our way, and I will sharing about all of that soon. Through the changes and growth, I am hoping to always see this side of Dana and his love for making maple syrup. This is what it is all about. Making a living and a life doing what we love. View More: And speaking of making maple syrup, I am meeting with a photographer today about finally moving ahead with our maple syrup cookbook. I have been working through the plan and recipes and I can not wait to share it with all of you. If you are wondering how we got to this point of selling maple syrup as a business, you can visit here. All photographs in this post were taken by the incredibly talented and kind Erin Witkowski. Thanks so much for reading. Quickpen-Signature_edited-1