Easy Chalkboard Ornament

They say that necessity is the mother of all invention.

In the case of my chalkboard ornament, the mother of invention was a lack of desire of painting and waiting for it to dry.

Lazy, huh?

But it really worked out well since I absolutely love how these came out and they took just minutes to make!

Here is how I did it…


- Chalkboard Contact Paper (you can find it here, affiliate link)

- Large punch in your choice of shape

- Chalk

-Chalk Ink Marker (you can find it here, affiliate link)

- Ribbon or twine of your choice

- Stamps of your choice

- Scapbooking white letters

- Card Stock

- Hole Punch


1 – Remove the backing of the contact paper and attach it to both sides of the contact paper. This gives you a two sided ornament that has some weight to it so it hangs correctly.

2 – Punch out your shapes

3 – Use your hole punch to create a hole for the ribbon or twine.

To decorate with the stamps, follow these steps:

- Cover your stamp in chalk and then place it on your ornament

- Now follow over the pattern with the chalk ink marker.

- No go in with the plain chalk and fill around the design, and then smooth it all out with your finger for a “seasoned look”.

- I also added a simple border with dots using the chalk ink marker. Attach ribbon and it is ready to hang.

To create ornaments with words, follow these steps:

- “Season” the whole ornament with the side of your chalk and smooth out with your finger.

- Use the scrapbooking letters to spell out your words.

- Add a ribbon and a border and you are ready to hang this one too.

You can either leave them like this and “erase” them to use again, or seal it with a clear spray sealer for it to be permanent. To erase it, use a Magic Eraser.


These are great as ornaments but would work really was as gift tags as well.

Thanks so much for reading and happy crafting!


November 26, 2013 — Anil Sharma