Easy Sharpie Art Christmas Ornament

Yesterday, I shared a quick and pretty ornament idea, and today’s project– a Sharpie art Christmas ornament, literally takes about 1 minute each.

And, no art skills needed.

Easy Sharpie Art Christmas Ornament

For supplies, you need plain porcelain ornaments. I found mine at Michael’s craft stores. Almost any plain ornament with a flat surface would work. You need stamps, ink, a ruler and a Sharpie paint pen.


Simply stamp your pattern onto your ornament.

If you were to leave it that way, it would wipe right off.

Use the stamp as your guide, fill it in with your Sharpie paint pen.

And you are done!

It works really well with a silhouette stamp like below (found at Hobby Lobby). I only inked the parts I wanted.

This version is just as easy.

Use a ruler to draw lines with the paint pen and then fill in patterns between the lines.

Seriously, could it be any easier?


I completed mine with black and white, but any color combination of your choice would work just as well. The Sharpie paint pens come in a ton of colors.

Happy crafting and decorating – and thanks for reading!

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