Gift Wrapping Ideas: Wood Slice Wreath & Snowman

Today is the third and final day of our Rockin’ the Holidays series. First, I shared an easy appetizer and drink recipe, then a handmade gift idea and today is all about easy gift wrapping ideas.


When wrapping gifts – I love two things.

1 -Using real ribbon.

2- Attaching something that can be used again.

For these gifts I layered on a few different types of ribbons and then attached a wood slice ornament that was super easy to make.


We cut the wood slices with a chop saw from branches in our yard, but they sell bags of the wood slices at Michael’s and I believe you can also find them on Etsy.

For the snowman, I hot glued three pieces together, added little branches for arms and cut a hat and scarf from some felt. Add a few embellishments and some glitter and you are done.


Behind the ornament, there is a piece of twine glued on so it can be used as an ornament.

Next, up are the wreaths.

I wanted them to be pretty from both sides, and I didn’t have a wreath form small enough to make it work, so I came up with a solution.

Use a lid or cup to draw a circle on a piece of paper. Line up the wood slices one time around the circle. Then go back in with a second layer. With the second layer, attach hot glue and place it where two slices meet. This creates a connection and holds the circle intact.

Tie on a piece of twine or ribbon so it can be hung as an ornament.

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Gift Wrapping Ideas: Wood Slice Wreath & Snowman Gift Wrapping Ideas: Wood Slice Wreath & Snowman
Gift Wrapping Ideas: Wood Slice Wreath & Snowman Gift Wrapping Ideas: Wood Slice Wreath & Snowman

Oh, and one last thing…if you want to buy some pretty embellishments for your gifts, you should visit this Etsy shop.

Thanks so much for reading!