Today, I want to share with you the paint colors we have used in our home.

I so clearly remember picking the previous colors of our house out of the plaid fabric of our sofa. Their was a mustardy beige and a red dining room – and I loved it.

But when you have 18 foot ceilings, 18 feet of a mustardy beige can start to feel like it is closing in on you.

Now, I love the soft colors, white trim and warmth we have in our home. And since I get a lot of questions about the paint colors we have chosen, I thought I would share them all with you now.

The main part of our house is all in one color – the entryway, the family room, the kitchen and the upstairs hallway are all in Flowering Herb by Benjamin Moore. I realize it looks like a dull drab gray. And it even looks that way on the color swatch in person. But on our walls, it is a soft green – yes it is a gray base, but it is truly green. Some light does give a beige tone as well. It work perfectly with our white trim and plays off of the wood tones as well.



Our front hallway has an accent color that ties into the wallpaper in the living room – and for this wall we used Portobello by Sherwin Williams.


In our dining room we used Argos by Sherwin Williams. On the color swatch it looks really gray – but on the walls it is a super pretty gray based blue. I find with blues you have to go really far into the gray tones for it is to actually appear blue on the walls and not look like a baby’s room.


Our guest bathroom on the first floor is a super pretty color called Mysterious Mauve by Sherwin Williams.


Our master bedroom is also a green – it is one of the first rooms we painted and I have kept it the same color (with touch-ups) for 12 years. I am just now starting to thinking about changing it – but we will see!


Our master bathroom is another pretty brown called Woodstock Tan from Benjamin Moore.


And my daughter Sunshine’s room is painted in Snow White by Benjamin Moore to allow all of her other colors to shine through.


Amazingly, I really have not shared too much about our basement, but the main color is Putnam Ivory. Of course I had to pick Putnam Ivory!


There is also a brown accent wall down there which is painted Davenport Tan.

And there is a small half bath that is painted with Bourbon Street. I will be sharing more about that space soon. In the meantime, you can see some pictures from our Christmas home tour.

So, that about covers it! All of the colors I have selected have a “gray base” to them – at least they do with my eyes. With this in common it allows the colors to flow easily with each other – which is especially important with an open floor plan like our home.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!