Lately, I have been feeling the need for an adventure

To get OUT from behind my computer, to step away from my desk – and be inspired.

So recently, I left the comfort zone of “being busy” and took a day just for me. I didn’t have to go far to reach my destination – Milford, PA. I went in search of inspiration, treasures and maybe some yummy treats. It was a great day, and one I hope to do again very soon. Because isn’t it way more fun to shop for the things that we love in an actual store from time to time?

And today I would like to encourage you to get out and find the hidden treasures right in your own neighborhoods or short jaunts away. Grab a friend, a cute outfit (but with comfortable shoes) and a little “mad money”.

I was reminded and inspired to shop local from my friends at REstyleSOURCE. So, I thought I would do the same for you and provide you a reminder and some inspiration by telling you all about some of the lovely places I found in the charming hamlet of Milford, PA. Sometimes I forget how many treasures are so close by.

I knew my first stop would be Upriver Home. They never disappoint with their inspiring quality of items, beautiful displays and super kind people to help.

Upriver Home Milford PA copy

It is funny, I was so distracted by the fabulous pig (which also come gilded in gold!) that I didn’t notice the amazing light fixture until I was looking at this picture today – that may require some follow-up! The mix of colors, white and rustic woods is just so pretty.

Milford Upriver Home Display copy

They carry Dash & Albert rugs, fantastic galvanized accessories (this where I bought my fabulous terrarium) and a really unique offering of books and magazines.

Upriver Home Book Display copy At every turn there is more to feast your eye on – all of it unique and exactly the type of items you visit a downtown store for. I love the modesty soap dish – that is officially on my wish list!

Milford PA Shop Local

Just a few doors down from Upriver Home is "Potter Dave" of Blue Stone Studio. “Wow” is all I can say about him. From the moment I walked in his beautiful gallery and workshop I felt comfortable and at peace – truly. It was almost tangible. He had the most incredible energy that was in every nook and cranny of his gallery.

Potter Dave of Blue Stone Studio copy

He has an amazingly simple and beautiful work area that unfortunately the light was too low to take pictures of that day, but I was able to get some images of his beautiful art. His pottery is beautiful and has a finish on it that photos really don’t fully capture. His wife is also a talented painter and illustrator and her art is available in the shop as well.

The Art of Blue Stone Studio

Dave also creates incredible sounding and beautiful “Shohola Bells” that would be an amazing addition to any outdoor space. David calls his bells the “sound of peace” and I think he might be right.

For David Greenbaum and his wife Joann Wells Greenbaum, this shop was their chance to slow down and become part of a community. I personally think they made a very good choice.

The last shop I want to share with you today is Ambience Furniture and Fine Gifts. This is a shop filled with higher end furniture options from companies like French Heritage, D.R. Dimes, Hancock & Moore and EJ Victor mixed in with unique accessories, gifts and accents like this amazing spoon chandelier.

Spoon Chandelier copy

Definitely my favorite thing, other than the chandelier, was all of the beautiful chairs – beautiful prints and leathers in unique shapes. L.O.V.E. I am definitely glad I found this shop and will be back again.

Chair Collection at Ambience in Milford

Milford, PA also has several great vintage shops that I visit regularly as well and lots of other independent shops and one fabulous hotel. However, with all that shopping, time must be taken to eat!

One of our favorites is The Waterwheel Cafe. We often meet my extended family here for brunch or lunch. They offer plenty of meal options but our favorite does tend to be the Cuban sandwich. The pastry options are pretty amazing and they also offer local jellies and honey for sale. Oh, and there really is a working water wheel to check out and learn the history of.

The Waterwheel Cafe Milford PA

Although we are over the border into PA, an authentic NY Italian delicatessen and meat market can be found here and is one of our favorites – Fretta’s. This is the real deal and the food is amazing. When we are in town, we often pick up salad or sandwiches to go. Actually, when I was there recently I also brought home the Chicken Tortellini soup for dinner and my family was quite pleased (as was I – one day of no cooking!). They also cater events large and small and I have attended many events where I was excited to learn that it was catered by Fretta’s. They also have a full selection of authentic grocery goods for you to create your own amazing meals.

Frettas Deli

I am hoping today’s post has inspired you to fall in love again with shopping locally. And if I haven’t succeed yet, then you must visit REstyleSOURCE for even more inspiration.

Their mission is : “We are the national guide to local shops, businesses and restaurants. Our goal is to reconnect shoppers with the real people and real stores that built America.”

resytle sourceHere you will find inspiration files, city guides and direct links of where to find the items you love.

And since they have already said it really well – here is a more in depth explanation of what they are all about:

“REstyleSOURCE was born from an easy concept: we wanted to answer the famous question, “Where did you find that?” After years in the design and retail industries, we wanted to share our passion on how to make your house a home. Whether it is a completely new style or just a new paint color, our website will guide you with trade secrets as well as the insider scoop on where to shop.

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Sign in, get comfortable and let REstyleSOURCE inspire every aspect of your life.”

Oh, and there happens to be a blogger you know over there!

Thanks so much for reading and here's to hoping you are inspired to shop local!postsignature.pngDisclosure: REstyleSOURCE is one of my sponsors and so therefore I agreed to write a post featuring them, however all opinions and delightful shopping experiences are all my own!

February 27, 2013 — Laura Putnam