Creamy Mapletini Martini

It has long been known that we are crazy for maple syrup. We make it. We sell it. We eat it. We drink it. My hubby’s family has always makes “sugar on snow” which is just what is sounds like – hot maple syrup poured over fresh snow (but with a whole bunch of specific steps and temperature readings). It ends up being much like a cross between candy and ice cream. It is delicious and something everyone loves. I don't know about your, but I LOVE ice cream. It is my weakness in the sweets department. I decided to try to figure out a way to bring the amazing taste of maple syrup and ice cream to a martini. Introducing, the Creamy Mapletini Martini! How-to-make-a-Creamy-Mapletini We have sacrificed ourselves greatly, and spent a great deal of time perfecting the perfect ingredients and proportions!

What you need for each martini (a full pour): - 1.5 oz of maple syrup (the real stuff!) - 2 oz. of half and half - 1 oz. of vodka - Maple sugar (can use regular sugar or cinnamon) and additional syrup for rimming the glass - Cinnamon sticks - Martini glasses of your choice, cocktail shaker and measuring cup
Pour maple syrup on a small plate and dip the rim of your glass in it. Then, do the same in a plate of maple sugar. Trust me, this step makes it even more amazing! Measure all of your ingredients, add to the cocktail shaker and shake over ice. Pour your drink into your glass, add a cinnamon stick or two and enjoy! It is like ice cream for adults! I hope you enjoy adding this to your idea for serving cocktails when you have guests - it is our new favorite! Thanks so much for reading. Quickpen-Signature_edited-1