In my more than one year of blogging, I have not yet done a table setting.

I thought Thanksgiving would be the best time to start.

I started with a runner of tweed suiting fabric with the edges frayed and then laid two strips of vintage lace down the center.

My favorite wooden box was filled with ironstone, pine cones, script apples, small white pumpkins and pears.

The “wheat” in the ironstone is from our yard.

I then added some more items outside of container, including candles.

The place setting began with vintage lace trimmed napkins.

Then I layered a cream colored embossed dish with a fall pattern, a small green plate and small brown transfer ware plate.

The silverware is a mix of vintage pieces.

I used a pretty cream vintage napkin pulled through a loop of vintage lace with a key and a tag tied on.

I then used the same tweed fabric and cut out maple leaves that I tucked in with the napkin as well.

I love this Thanksgiving prayer tag that I purchased here.

For the candles, I started with glass votive candles. This one has just a piece of the same lace that is around the napkins glue into place with a small amount of hot glue.

For the larger ones, I placed them in simple jelly jars and first wrapped the same lace that is on the runner and then layered the same beige lace over the top.

I hope you like it!

I think this would be really easy to re-create if you wanted.

The suiting fabric is from Joanne's (bought on sale) and the lace and napkins could easily be found new. All the plates are newish, ironstone equivalents are easily found these days at Homegoods and even Target. A lot of the other stuff can be found outside (pine cones, small pumpkins, weeds "wheat"). I provided the source for the tags but an equivalent could easily be created. Jelly jars can be found at the grocery store and any old silverware would do.

I will be sharing this at

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Thanks for reading.

November 15, 2011 — Laura Putnam