Update: Since I have several questions concerning the chalkcloth, I should have told you to start that I purchased this through Etsy, specifically through Modern June. She has a lot of great products.

I know, I know, so much Thanksgiving? I guess I feel like I need to get it out of system and then start planning for Christmas!

I bought this runner months ago, it is simply a piece of chalkboard fabric cut in a unique shape. I have used in for some time because I like the simplicity of them. While I was putting together all of my Thanksgiving stuff, I realized it would make a great place to write what we are thankful for. This is stuff me and my sister wrote, but I am going to continue to ask people to fill it out and it should be really full by Thanksgiving! Here it is…

thanksgiving blog 002 thanksgiving blog 013 thanksgiving blog 016

thanksgiving blog 036

thanksgiving blog 038 thanksgiving blog 179 I am sharing this project at…

A Runner of ThanksA Runner of ThanksA Runner of Thanks
A Runner of Thanks
A Runner of Thanks
Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special
November 04, 2010 — Laura Putnam